Saving London’s Theaters, One Marketing Plan at a Time!

London’s theatres. These historical sites once hosted the powerful acts written by some of the most famous and infamous writers of England, Wales and the rest of Britain. These sites, once heralded as cultural centres, have become relics in today’s times.

Plays, dramas and musicals have graced the stages of UK’s best theatres. However, because of the lack of demand, UK theatres have seen a fall in audiences. While print and media marketing does well, some online marketing strategies for theatres have missed the point, one poster, print ad and ticket.

This is Where We Come In!

Our love for theatre knows no bounds, and our knowledge for marketing is our livelihood. Having had our own acting stints, we fell in love once, but realised that theatre wasn’t for us.

However, our careers as online marketers worked better for us. Some of our people came from Rosser Media and some of the other finest online marketing companies in the United Kingdom

Have you ever heard of using interactive media, videos and java programming to enhance the online theatre experience for your potential audiences? Have you known that social networks play a huge role in getting new audiences? How about Tumblr? Flickr? Digg?

Have you heard of powerful Cambridge SEO strategies? We have them right here!

Theatre Has A Place In The Internet

However, no ordinary internet marketing strategy would do to guarantee a good return of investment.

We suggest it be handled by people who understand the heart and soul of acting, theatre and drama. We suggest it be handled by people who also understand the internet as a whole.

So, if you’re interested, let us help you

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