Save London Theatres

The Save London’s Theatres Campaign, set up in 1972, is the London-wide lobbying Organisation which exists to protect the culture of theatre-going in London by ensuring that there are always theatres in the Greater London for people to attend and theatre workers to work in.

In a city the size of London where inevitably there is going be commercial pressure on the redevelopment of theatre buildings, whether owners seek to achieve a better return on their capital or the landlord simply retires from business, it is important that such a body can alert the public, central government, the local authorities and the Theatres Trust, of the real threat to the future existence of a theatre or a group of theatres about to be sold or demolished.

The Campaign is a voluntary, wholly independent body that has amassed an unprecedented wealth of experience over the past 30 years and now finds itself a constant point of reference to students, researchers, academics, and the general public alike.

The Campaign relies on reports from supporters with concerns about theatres and performance spaces in Greater London and surrounding areas. We follow up all inquiries and where necessary act on information received with letters to local authorities, meetings, etc., circulating information and facilitating and encouraging individuals and groups, doing press releases, liaising with statutory bodies such as the Theatres Trust. SLTC works closely with Equity, who sponsor the Campaign.

The Campaign maintains close links with theatres, educational establishments, theatre researchers, government agencies and The Theatres Trust to ensure a healthy cross flow of information. It believes, too, that only when people are made aware of the true impact resulting from the loss of a theatre building, can those charged with making planning or other crucial decisions be fully informed on what the consequential loss will do to the choice of theatre in the capital.

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